Long Byres, Talkin Head, Self catering holiday cottages in the North Pennines with views to the Lake District Fells


From April to October, at Long Byres, we offer an evening meal service. On your arrival you will be given a menu for the week. All dishes on the menu are freshly cooked using local Cumbrian produce and recipes. The minimum order for each dish is two full portions and children's meals are half price if they choose the same as their parents.

Orders will be delivered to your cottage at about 7pm. Prices for main meals range between £6.20 - £7.00 and for dessert £3.00 - £3.60.

Special Occasions

If you would like to entertain your friends or family or have a birthday or anniversary to celebrate I would be happy to offer a special menu to suit your taste and pocket.

2019` Menu



Cumberland Sausage with lentils and prunes and baked potato (£6.60)
or Afghan Carrot Casserole (£6.40)
Sherry trifle (£3.30) or Apple tart tartin (£3.20)


Roast chicken and roast potatoes (£6.60)
or Roasted cauliflower dhal pilav (£6.40)
Harriet’s damson syllabub (£3.50) or Fruit crumble (£3.20)


Steak in ale pie (£6.60)
or Mushroom cobbler (£6.50)
Rice pudding (£3.00) or Dark chocolate torte(£3.60)


Mother's pork and tomato casserole (£6.60)
or Saffron rissotto with roast tomatoes (£6.70)
Custard tart (£3.50) or Chocolate roulade (£3.50)


Chicken with spinach and mushrooms (£6.60)
or Aubergine & goat cheese crumble(£6.50)
Chocolate profiteroles (£3.50) or Pannacotta with raspberries (£3.50)


Armenian lamb and rice pilaff (£7.20)
or Egg Curry (£6.30)
Steamed syrup sponge (£3.30) or Queen's pudding (£3.50)


Farmhouse chicken pie (£6.60)
orTalkin rice bake (£6.20)
Strawberry pavlova (£3.50) or Harriet’s fruit cream (£3.20)

Dishes will be accompanied by potatoes, rice, salad or vegetable as appropriate.