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February 2021- Signs of life

After a harsh start to the month with plenty of snow and ice, the end of the month has shown signs of life and positive news for what is to come the rest of the year.

The best news has come from external sources, with the vaccine rollout progressing well and the recently announced government road map which will hopefully allow us to open our doors from Monday 12th April 2021. We are extremely excited to be able to welcome back guests both old and new.

Works to the cottages have continued despite the challenging times. The carpets have been fully fitted across all of the cottages, new furnishings purchased and many more mundane tasks completed! We are delighted that both Bracken Cottage (No.3) and Ash Cottage (No.5) are now fully refurbished. Have a look at our cottage page to see what’s changed and we will be releasing more photos and images of the rest of the cottages soon.

On the farm we brought the sheep in to the shed earlier than usual this year due to the cold weather, but they have been enjoying their nice straw beds, and the ‘room service’ meals provided! Lambing has now started, although it has been slower than expected with only one very spoilt lamb born so far. Hopefully the rest of the ewes should lamb throughout March and this will be sure to keep us busy and entertained. Further signs of life are evident in the blossoming of daffodil flowers opposite the cottages and snowdrops across the farm.

Only 43 days until our lovely guests can visit again!

Sam & Helena

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